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Increased strength in joints, ligaments and tendons, by stimulating the growth of new connective tissue.
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A regenerative treatment for chronic pain

Prolotherapy is an injection treatment which provides increased strength in joints, ligaments and tendons, by stimulating the growth of new connective tissue. Studies show that it is helpful for longstanding back, neck and joint pain [1, 2].

Considered safe when performed by an experienced practitioner, prolotherapy aims to trigger the body’s natural healing process at the site of painful soft tissue and joints.

Prolotherapy may help with:

+ Lower back pain
+ Upper back pain
+ Whiplash and other neck pain
+ Migraine and headache
+ Foot pain
+ Sciatica
+ Groin/pubis pain
+ Knee pain
+ Tennis elbow
+ Wrist and hand pain
+ Shoulder pain
+ Jaw pain

Prolotherapy was developed by a USA surgeon, George Hackett in the 1940s and has been refined and researched by many other doctors since then.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this treatment suitable for?

Anyone suffering from joint, ligament and tendon pain for more than three months could be a candidate for this innovative treatment. It has been shown to be helpful in the treatment of neck strain, osteoarthritis, tendonitis and low back pain [1].

What results can I expect?

A success rate of about 88 percent [3] is reported for low back pain. Research indicates that prolotherapy is more effective than local anaesthetic or cortisone, particularly for chronic pain in the lower back or in overuse tendon conditions [4]. It has also been used in the treatment of joint pain in the knees, spinal/pelvic regions, jaw, fingers and thumbs [2] as well as the pubic symphysis [1].

What does the treatment involve?

A special solution is injected into the treatment area, which is thought to initiate the healing process inside your body, stimulating new tissue growth and collagen production, restoring strength to the treatment area and relieving pain.

A series of 6 – 8 injections is usually necessary for low back pain, 4 – 6 for neck problems, 2 – 3 for upper back, elbow or foot, while the knee is variable. The spacing of the treatments varies from weekly to monthly. Our practitioner will recommend a suitable treatment plan for your needs.

What about after treatment care?

Your doctor will advise on suitable pain relief during your consultation and treatment.  Exercises may be necessary to re-educate correct muscle patterns. They can begin immediately or when the pain has decreased. They should not be painful. Ask for the correct ones for you or begin walking.




[3] Ongley M, Klein R, Dorman T, et al: A new approach to the treatment of chronic low back pain. Lancet 1987;2:143-146.