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A ground-breaking and innovative way to improve erectile function.
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Treat Erectile Dysfunction with Renova

Problems with erectile function is very common and affects approximately half of all men above the age of 40. It can be caused by both physical and psychological factors, but the most common cause (70%) is poor arterial blood flow in the penis which can be exacerbated by things like smoking, lack of physical exercise, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

Renova is a new and non-invasive treatment for ED. By using shockwave therapy, it stimulates the generation of new blood vessels in the penis. A recent study showed a success rate of 82.5% in men treated by Renova and reported a significant improvement in erectile function in the months following treatment with no side effects[1].

Renova can help with:

+ Difficulty getting an erection.
+ Difficulty keeping an erection.
+ Reduced sex drive.

Orally taken erection stimulants have helped men with ED to achieve erections, however they do not treat the cause and only act as a temporary solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this treatment suitable for?

Renova is an innovative treatment suitable for those suffering from Erectile Dysfunction due to physical causes, side effects of pharmaceuticals and those who have not responded to other methods of treatment.

What results can I expect?

If your erection function has deteriorated through vascular or ageing then you should expect a significant improvement in erectile function as has been reported by 82.5% of men in a recent study[1]. If you have just noticed that your erection is not quite as reliable and firm as when you were younger then you should expect an improvement likened to a winding back of the clock.

What does the treatment involve?

Four 20 minute sessions using our hands-free renova device are recommended once a week over the course of a month in order to achieve noticeable results.

Is the procedure painful?

Patients have reported that the treatment is completely painless and the only sensation is a slight but comfortable “tingling”. There are absolutely no restrictions on physical or sexual activity after treatment. In fact, 100% of patients in a recent study reported the pain was tolerated[1].

How long does it take to work?

A few weeks after the course of treatments your erectile function will have improved, some have noticed improvements earlier. The rate of growth of new blood vessels is one of the determining factors in how quickly you will experience results.

Are there any side effects?

Clinical studies worldwide show NO known serious side effects[1].


[1] Pelayo-Nieto, M., Linden-Castro, E., Alias-Melgar, A., Grovas, D. E. P., Carreno-de la Rosa, F., Bertrand-Noriega, F., & Cortez-Betancourt, R. (2015). Linear shock wave therapy in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Actas Urológicas Españolas (English Edition), 39(7), 456-459.