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Dermograph Skin Analyser

An innovative skin scanning tool used by dermatologists to thoroughly assess your skin.
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New technology provides better understanding of your skin’s needs

The dermograph™ as an innovative skin scanning tool used to thoroughly assess your skin. Considered to be the world standard, Dermograph employs a number of sophisticated techniques to measure, record and analyse information about key variables in the skin, such as the production of sebum [1].

This information is helpful for planning treatment to improve:

+ Moisture/hydration levels
+ Skin texture and luminosity
+ Firmness and elasticity
+ Pigmentation/hyperpigmentation
+ Skin redness
+ Dermal oiliness
+ Collagen levels
+ Wrinkles, lines and folds

Dermograph helps you to achieve your skincare goals by enabling your therapist to precisely tailor-make a treatment plan based upon your specific requirements. The dermograph was developed by a leading dermascopist plastic surgeon and eminent bio-physicist team based in Germany.

Frequently Asked Questions

What results can I expect?

A complete scientific analysis of your skin, a tailored treatment plan and product recommendations specific to your skin type.

What’s involved?

A small handheld device is run over the skin which illuminates and magnifies the surface of the skin, providing valuable information about the skin’s health. These results are then transmitted to an application where they can be analysed by your skin therapist and a treatment plan can be provided.

How does it work?

Dermograph™ utilises a combination of sensors, imaging software and safe, visible natural light illumination to decode the unique tissue characteristics of the skin, to allow an appropriate treatment plan to be formulated in accordance with the patient’s skin health profile.