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Colour Light Therapy

A gentle and relaxing facial treatment to help restore youthful radiance
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Relax + Rejuvenate

Colour Light Therapy is a gentle and relaxing facial treatment which harnesses the power of light to restore the youthful radiance to your complexion.

Using photodynamic therapy (based on the ancient Greek words for “light”, “power” and “healing”), the treatment stimulates facial skin and tissue at a cellular and molecular level – and has been clinically proven to rejuvenate sun damaged and ageing skin.

This is more than just a beauty treatment however. At our Darwin clinic, we also use it following platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy for muscle and joint pain associated with osteoarthritis and sporting injuries. Although this is a very new area of scientific research, studies indicate that the application of carefully calibrated light (such as that used in the LED beauty mask) helps to boost the regenerative effects of PRP.


For help with:

+ fine lines and wrinkles
+ redness and inflammation (eg rosacea)
+ actinic keratoses (sun spots/age spots)
+ skin texture and elasticity
+ hyperpigmentation
+ dry, dull skin

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the treatment involve?

Once your face has been gently cleansed, soft pads will be placed over your eyes. Depending on your needs, we may apply a skin care preparation, before the mask is gently fitted over your face and tested.

Then all you need to do is lie back and relax! The treatment takes between 15 to 30 minutes and you shouldn’t feel any pain; the most you will notice may be a slight warmth.

How does it work?

It sounds like the mask is lit up with a rainbow of colours, but all that can be seen is white light.

This is because white light is in fact made up of a spectrum – the seven colours of the rainbow. Research has shown that each wavelength (colour) has a different role to play in boosting and activating certain proteins and systems in the body, which have slowed down with age.

Don’t be fooled however – not just any old light will do! Our medical-grade equipment has been subjected to stringent testing, and is specially configured to achieve optimal results.

How long do results last?

You can expect your face to appear visibly firmer and more radiant for up to 12 weeks following treatment with the Colourful LED Beauty Mask.

Does it hurt?

No! In fact our patients often report that it is a truly calming and relaxing experience. There is no redness, blistering, peeling, bleeding, swelling, pain, or down time. You can literally have a treatment during your lunch break and nobody will be any the wiser!


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