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AMT for Joint Pain

Long lasting relief of joint pain using healthy tissue from your own body. Enjoy greater joint mobility without major surgery.
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Autologous Micrograft Treatment

While Autologous Micrografting Technology ® (AMT) has been widely used for many years to treat hair loss due to male pattern baldness, the benefits extend far beyond this use.

AMT is an innovative and effective method of repairing the cartilage deterioration that tends to occur in joints as we age.

With AMT, the medical professionals at Ageless Health Darwin are able to harvest some of your own healthy cartilage tissue, which is used to formulate your own personalised treatment. During the same session, this preparation is injected into the damaged joint, to stimulate the regeneration of healthy cells to reduce painful symptoms.

Compared to joint replacement or reconstruction surgery, this is a short and simple procedure with minimal downtime, which offers long lasting benefits.

For help with joint pain in:

+ Knees
+ Hips
+ Shoulders
+ Hands

Frequently Asked Questions

What results can I expect?

Studies have shown that AMT halts the progression of joint degeneration and promotes the formation of new cartilage. It is ideal for reducing the inflammation and pain of osteoarthritis, increasing your mobility and quality of life.

What are the side effects?

While you may experience some minor discomfort at the harvest and transfer sites, most patients find this to be very mild.

How long do results last?

The use of Autologous Micrograft Treatment for joint pain restores normal tissue function and increases the thickness of affected cartilage for long lasting benefits.

According to recent studies, even three years following treatment, subjects reported that they were still able to enjoy their usual daily activities, and had no need for regular pain relief.


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