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About us

Ageless Health Clinics NT supply medically administered anti-ageing and cosmetic treatments. We are committed to accomplishing positive outcomes in both health and physical appearance for men and women.

Our modern healthcare facility is the first of its kind in the Northern Territory and is owned and operated by Dr. Satbir Aulakh – a qualified and practicing medical practitioner with over 20 years’ experience in medicine.

Dr Aulakh’s ethical and committed approach to tailored health and wellness has afforded him the opportunity to grow Ageless Health Clinics NT into the only clinic of its kind in the Northern Territory, offering some of the world’s most innovative technology and treatments to residents and visitors to the Top End.

When our patients visit us at Ageless Health Clinics NT, they’ll not only be transforming their body, but also their mind. We believe that by pairing clinically proven treatments with tailored health programs, our patient’s goals can be achieved faster and their results maintained longer.

Our clinic is equipped with technology and programs that boost overall patient well-being, correct lifestyle including exercise, nutrition and diet, and treat key areas that often prove a health challenge.